Chatbots in Education Industry!

Big Idea

The Education sector poses as a great challenge for technology enthusiasts. The intensive process of scoring and providing tutorials, self-help material, collecting feedback etc., can be daunting. However, chatbots can help do all this without any human intervention. Chatbots can provide the best source of information and material according to the student’s need. It can also help teachers in segregating tasks and assignments, reducing redundancy.

Top Features


Assessing student profiles


Keeping scorecards for students and teachers


Helping teachers with miscellaneous tasks


Automating routine paperwork


Training students with personalisation


easy-scoring Essay scoring functionality

professor-assessment Student feedback and professor assessment

asked-questions Answer to hundreds of commonly asked questions

application-filing Assistance with application filing, accepting tuition payments and assigning course schedules

service-test Service and test ride scheduling and booking

right-program Helping students find the right program to study

schedule-meetings Schedule meetings or phone calls when human intervention is required

Engati is the perfect platform that can be used for this purpose. It can solve student, teacher and admin problems quickly without losing time. Through its NLP ability, it can understand human speech and emulate the same. It works real-time and without any hassle. The best part? It is free and there is no need for any prior experience in programming. Still not convinced? Try it yourself!

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